You only have the right to say you love this country and care about it if you support the government in what they do, whether they are your elected leaders or not. You can’t say you love this country and want it to prosper if you don’t support what the government is doing, or constantly criticize its every move (sometimes, because the one in charge wasn’t the one you voted for).

The only ones who are free from this fact are those who have absolutely no faith in any politician or government leader, and believe that nobody (particularly elderly) is capable of bringing the changes desperately needed to the system.

And frankly, I am one of them. But, a sliver of hope still exists within the younger generation.

The young will only bring about true change and social development if they completely abolish the old ideas and mindsets that held Indonesia back from becoming the better country it deserves to be. This means ruling with a completely modern ideology, filtering the ideas that they do not believe in, even if it means defying our parents and our elders.

We should not respect the elders who do not respect us, and we should not carry on their disrespectful attitude.

If old, stubborn, hesitant ideas keep getting passed down to the young, then it will just be a repeat of every disappointment we experienced during the ancients’ rule, and there will never be true development and life will not get better for anyone here.

If anything, real change in Indonesia will only be seen in the next 30 to 40 years. But that’s if we completely eschew the mentality held by the old guard that held us back.

I will have faith in the Indonesian leadership only when I see our hopes truly take form and all old mindsets crushed.


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