House on Tired Hill

I always come back to the same dark little house in my dreams

Whenever i nap whenever i feel the most tired, i am always transported there. Back when i was in college, whenever i took a tiring nap, i would wake up in the same place i fell asleep and wandered around before actually waking up. It was an out of body experience like no other, despite the fact that i didnt really do anything when i walked out of the body. These OBEs substituted itself for the house i live in now.

It’s a nice one though, its never empty, the stone fireplace is warm. Cozy, located in a hilly suburb, really a picture of how i want my dream house to physically look like. Wooden floors, stone walls, enough room to hold your loved ones, etc etc. The corridors are labyrinthine yeah, and dark even, but they always help me find answers whenever i get lost inside them.

Usually movies are shown, and shot there too. Ian McKellen shot Liam Neeson the last time i was there. It was all for a movie, sure, but Neeson’s death was very real. He thanked me for letting him use the house, after he woke up and ascended to the sky.

Almost often, my desires would populate the house and throw themselves a little party. i’d see her or her or them or this or that all in one inescapable torrent of karma within the living room.

Whenever i visit, it is always nighttime, despite entering it in the day. The depths of the darkness spin my head round and puzzle my altered state with questions, that turn into answers. Most of them lead to one message though: “accept everything, but accept everything must change too”.

Your subconscious really is the bestest friend you can have inside you. Whether you choose to listen to its words or heed its bricklayered actions is your decision, but it’ll always know what is best for you.


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