stop trying to ruin beautiful things

Stop trying to ruin beautiful things.
stop thinking of possibly ruining something beautiful.
halt even the slightest thought of destroying something delicate
from passing through your rails

Its not yours to keep
Your hands belong tied behind your neck
Your face carved into the shape of a wish
formed an acute smile, able to pierce the skin

desire always manifests itself as something beautiful
on the surface
it will always stay that way
that’s the danger

within that beauty is a core
that holds a kind of grace greater than itself
see it, understand it, feel it
and leave it alone

What you want will only smother and drown it
with blame chiseled on your cheeks
front and center
dead as a hollow star

are you really ready to become the chaos
that no-one needs?

so see it, understand it, FEEL IT

This is the second salvation, the second gunshot
hope this time it sticks and destroys



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