Predictions for the US election


Trump will win the Republican nomination, no doubt. His opponents are far too weak to match him. Rubio is what Indonesians call “cupu”, and Cruz is incredibly pathetic, seeing as he is trying to apply the same kind of rhetorical strategy that Trump has been doing successfully, but the difference is Cruz comes off as fake. Carson is brain dead and John Kasich, while being the most “sane” Republican in the race, has no chance of winning, because like what we see: populism matters more than intelligence. If Trump didnt have the kind of celebrity reputation or the ability and charm to sway voters, he would have lost by now.

However, for the Democratic party. Its too close to call who will win.

Bernie Sanders’ populism has him incredibly popular, and ideologically, he is the best candidate for the job. After decades of being destroyed by capitalism, what America truly needs is socialism. However, he still lacks in crucial points such as foreign policy, but that can be learned on the way. Sanders must also begin to harness his momentum, otherwise he will ungracefully fall.

As for Hilary Clinton? People simply dont trust her, or the Clinton clan for that matter. She has made too many enemies on both sides, and many members of the public dont trust her due to her connections to big money. She also cant rally the people the way Sanders does. Even though she has quite the experience, again, intellegence matters less than being able to connect with the people.

If the election becomes a race between Trump and Clinton, Trump would easily win. Trump may not be trusted by even more people, but he has the savvy to help him secure the job. He is also a smart businessman.

In  any election, the public matters less than the people involved in the election itself.

If it were to be Trump vs Sanders, it would be a very interesting race. I cant tell who would win, as both candidates have the equal amount of sway with their constituents. For those who dont want Trump to be president of the centre of the world, Sanders is your best hope. Both offer different polarities, akin to the Cold War.

In the (hopefully untrue) scenario of a Trump win, remember that many in the world didnt like it either when George W Bush was elected, and the USA had to suffer that for 8 years. If Donald Trump wins, the USA has noone to blame but themselves.

Good luck with Trump. At least he’ll inspire a lot of political art.


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