enjoy your Trump presidency, you dicks

So no surprise that Donald Trump has become the Republican nominee for the US presidency. That’s about as surprising as finding birds on a tree, fish in the sea or finding Toyota Alphards in Jakarta’s affluent neighborhoods.

You know, he also seems like the most likely winner for the US presidency too.

Why is that?

Well, lets look at the Democratic Party. It is basically fighting within each other. Bernie Sanders keeps on egging Hillary Clinton and keeps saying that she is not a fit leader. His followers, blind as they are, will happily toe in his line and denounce Clinton as well. And it’s working. Many young people are now denouncing Clinton, as seen in one example in a recent study by the University of Rochester, which saw that many young females are slowly “unfollowing” Clinton’s social media accounts. Since social media plays a fucking crucial part in rallying supporters and getting votes, especially from undecided voters, this is not a good sign.

Sanders has an appeal that is beneficial to the party and by far, he is the candidate with the best ideas and ideology. As much as i’d love to see him win, the fact is democracy is run by mathematics.

Mathematically, Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate, and is therefore the best hope of making a Trump presidency non-existent. If fickle youths and her party do not start to support her then Trump will definitely win. He has a rock solid voter base and has a charm that is able to sway voters who used to vote for his rivals.

Sanders can help the Democratic Party win. Not by staying in the race, but to sway voters in Clinton’s favor and the party’s favor too, as he has that kind of charm too. He needs to further emphasize the good more than the bad, and actually band the party in a unity.

In 2013, the Labor Party in Australia self destructed over selfish infighting, which lead to the election of the much-maligned, Trump-like human jellybean Tony Abbott as leader. And if you ask Australians about how Abbott’s leadership went, well.. just ask them.

Sure, many of Sanders’s supporters will feel betrayed by him, but then again they will also complain about Trump’s victory too. With college kids, politicians can never win. But it helps to harness their short attention spans just enough for change to be made.

Sure, Clinton is an evil political figure, but as is with Indonesia’s recent presidential election, the best choice is the “lesser of two evils”.

If things dont change, then enjoy your Trump presidency, you dicks.


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