The World as Humans


[screengrab from Masaaki Nakayama’s “Fuan no Tane Plus”]

The World as Humans.

  1. Mecca is a beautiful child prodigy that has to endure the beatings of her abusive father, Saudi Arabia. Decades of abuse have reduced Mecca to a fragile and misshapen state. She is forced to prostitute herself in the shallow gold that her father lavishes upon her to her father’s similarly abusive friends.Only few see her as the majesty that she is.
  2. Mecca has a friend, and his name is Indonesia. Indonesia is like that kid that gets invited to the coolest of parties mainly because his name is well-known. Everybody has heard about him and all his great talents and potentials, but nobody really knows who he is (or how he looks like).Indonesia is that shy kid at the party who is unable to contribute anything to large conversations, but when he does, his shyness recedes and he will mainly talk about himself.  In other words, he is a boy that looks at the world mainly from his point of view and sometimes refuses to see the world from the eyes of others.

    Mecca and Indonesia are good friends, as Mecca’s beauty and talents are recognized by Indonesia. But silently, Indonesia admires her father’s wealth and the way he does things, seeing it as a sign of a very “spirited” man, and secretly wishes to become like Mecca’s father.

  3. The United States is the most popular person in school. Everyone looks up to her merits but also cannot ignore her annoyances due to her loud nature. She is the leader of a trio of popular Anglophone countries (along with the UK and Australia), whom everyone aspires to be friends with. She is the status quo.
    Her left-hand girl, Australia, aspires to become the United States more than anything else, or at least be their BFF for life. Whatever the United States says and does, Australia will likely follow and rarely criticise.

It is only recently that Australia has began to question her place in the United States’ life as she begins to voice her disagreement to her hero’s increasingly bitchy behaviour to her.

  • China and Singapore are brothers from the same family that has way too much money. China is the spoiled elder brother while Singapore is the hard-working adopted younger brother who overcame adversity in the hands of his birth parents, Malaysia.Their family is very powerful. China utilizes these family connections heavily for his gain while Singapore uses the connections necessarily. In personality, however, both are uptight and ruthless in behaviour, both are extremely book-smart but only slightly street-smart. China is a rich jock who likes to party and Singapore is the quiet nerd: one becomes too loud and noticeable to ignore and the other one is a wallflower, but is more likeable among his peers.

    Both grow up and become rich and successful, and both do so with their hard work. Singapore’s high-school bullies now kiss his ass and China has become the richest guy in town. Everyone wants a piece of them. But not all is well in their lives.

    China grew up to become a very abusive father, and openly hits his children in public. Singapore never hits his children, but abuses them silently by berating and putting extreme pressure on them behind closed doors. Countries have called out their abusive tendencies, but neither one listens. For countries who have depended themselves on the potential of the brothers’ investments into their lives, they cannot do anything either.

  • China has several children, one of which is Hong Kong. Hong Kong wishes not to become like his father. In the end, Hong Kong succeeds in its independent life and success, but can’t help give in to his father’s whims simply because China is Hong Kong’s legal guardian for life. Essentially trapped under the grip of his father, he still manages to build a good life and become a person different from his father.Another child of China is Taiwan. Taiwan has always been different from her father, as she refuses to follow in her father’s ideologies and questions them openly to him. She is the only child that has successfully broken away from her father (but still maintains a good relationship with her siblings).
    Because of her perceived insolence, China has refused to acknowledge Taiwan as an independent adult, nor would he even recognize her successes, because of her desire to completely break away from China’s guardianship. She is cut off from the family money, but manages to build a rich life anyway. Her father wont even recognize her existence anymore, which from the beginning was always an issue because she was the accidental child born from China’s first wife, Kuomintang, whom China very much despises. Much of that hatred was exacerbated by China’s wife, CCP, who influenced the impressionable China during the most vulnerable years of his divorce.

    So deep of his hatred toward his only daughter that he even threatens other countries to not be friends with her. Many listen, but many also extend a thin hand to her plight.

  • Damascus is probably the world’s oldest man, but he was in good shape for several years until one of his grandsons took over the family estate and wreaked havoc into his life. His great-grandson Syria X has taken control of the Syria estate after his father’s sudden death, but is very reckless as he likes to pick fights with his family members, abuse his children and cause trouble for his neighbours. One day, as he was beating his children, other countries saw his act and started calling him out too. A few countries even began to beat him up. This made him resentful to the world and the abuses continue.As the grand elder of the family, Syria X maintains a sliver of respect for Damascus, but the old man gets caught in his great-grandson’s web of trouble nonetheless. He has become fatigued from the fallout, disappointed at the state of his family and now is rotting away in his old age, quietly.



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