We deal in righteousness too much, friend.

We flex our moral muscles

Proudly in front of each other

When we learn about death


Our tears, become sweat

Our sadness becomes power

The news is our benchpress

Our words are talk radio

And end up as music

But only to our ears


You say millions die

And you say people cry

But friend,

Where were you

When they breathed their last sigh?


Where was you

When the story went by

When the anchors were lifted high

While these souls

Did not want to fly?



Death devastates, friend

It is your reason

For your gym membership

It is your reason for your

Million dollar personal trainer

It must be tiring

To flex your fingers

in front of your screen

Isn’t it, friend?


Surprise me with your body, friend

Show me that you care

Show me you really know what death is

So that you can be healthy

Without the need to be seen

  • Dylan Amirio, 2013.

In the Now


Sense is made

In the present tense

Simplicity is king

In the present tense

Ignorance is virtue

Ignorance is peace

In the present tense

Anxiety fades

In the present tense

A future is born

In the present tense

Impressive lives

Impressing lives

Miniscule problems

Motorcycle thieves

Occur outside

The present tense
The past and the future


In the present tense