We deal in righteousness too much, friend.

We flex our moral muscles

Proudly in front of each other

When we learn about death


Our tears, become sweat

Our sadness becomes power

The news is our benchpress

Our words are talk radio

And end up as music

But only to our ears


You say millions die

And you say people cry

But friend,

Where were you

When they breathed their last sigh?


Where was you

When the story went by

When the anchors were lifted high

While these souls

Did not want to fly?



Death devastates, friend

It is your reason

For your gym membership

It is your reason for your

Million dollar personal trainer

It must be tiring

To flex your fingers

in front of your screen

Isn’t it, friend?


Surprise me with your body, friend

Show me that you care

Show me you really know what death is

So that you can be healthy

Without the need to be seen

  • Dylan Amirio, 2013.


Even though the year has dressed itself in radiant colours
A touch of grey and the deepest of black still pops up from time to time,
Like a stain that can’t be washed out
but it slowly blends as one with the rest.

You can wash it many times,
the stain will fade but it’ll still stay.
What can you do?
Wear it.

Wear it cos it no longer ruins your dress
Wear it because it has become the dress.

After all, it’s also colour.

holy sinking ship

All this stupid talk out of this conversation

Only makes it hurt more

On a quiet bed, it’s the springs that do the talking

And it’s us that become the silence


Sprawling  negativity in the site

Of your largest hearts

Welcomed with open arms

But devoid of all its charm


Tainted fiery lips

Ona plate of succession, a simmer of truth

Calling outside

A love for you


Did it ever happen?

Has it taken form?


Like cocaine and traumatized green eyes

Two miles long, crossing our eyes

And fingers

As we headed home


Maybe there is nowhere to go

But I don’t want to believe that yet

Because there’s no way this cant last

There’s nothing to free
It will return by itself

But to be reminded of the excess

The best light I’ve ever touched
The sweetest smile I’ve ever met





Demi Penguasa (For the Master)

Based on an extraordinary dream felt on 5/4/2016:

The protests escalated into a form of confused chaos that is very quintessentially Indonesian. A sea of men in white robes and white hats and jet black beards shaking the gates like lustful rabid beasts, aiming to please the ideas that they have made for themselves.

I exit the building, and walk towards the gates, coming face to face with the smell of their tired and pungent yelling underneath their breaths. They all want me out of my office, out of my job, because I am not devout. Because I cause problems for their masters. Because I talk too much and because i “challenge the divine”. Every reason is a foil for the violence that they desire.

The last stand comes. I walk over to the power generator where their microphones source their power and snip off the cable, making the cage rattle harder as the beasts roughly sway.

I command the guards to open the gates (of course they were hesitant), but I assured them that nothing will harm them, as the target is me alone.

Before the moment comes, within the loud anger of the rioters, I take the closest megaphone and speak what would become my last words:

DEMI PENGUASA (For the Master)


Terima kasih (Thank you)

Hari ini aku akan jatuh (today I will fall)

Berkat saudara2ku (with help from my brothers)

Bikinlah ibuku menangis (Make my mother cry)

Agar kau bisa merasa benar (so that you can feel right)

Lemparlah kepalan tanganmu (toss a fist)

Agar darahku bikin kau puas (so that my blood can make you smile)


Bikinlah anakku rindu (Make my children yearn)

Demi nama kepercayaan yang kau buat sendiri itu (for your take)

Dari sesuatu yang sebenarnya indah (on a belief that is supposed to be beautiful)


Apa yang sesungguhnya kau cari? (What are you really looking for?)

Jubah putih, peci putih (White robes, white hat)

Buku tulisan (notebooks)

Kitab yang di coret2 (A tome filled with scribbles)

Teriakan bau (The smelly yelling)

Mahkluk2 ganas (of rabid beasts)


Sepertinya kau mengerti (It seems you understand)

Kalau aku seharusnya tidak pantas di dunia ini (that I am not supposed to be on this lovely earth)

Denganmu (with you)


Demi tuhanmu yang tersenyum (For your lord who smiles)

Ketika musuhmu lumpuh (when your enemy is destroyed)

Demi tuhanmu yang membisikkan keinginan untuk kehancuran (for your lord that whispers destruction)

Ke kupingmu (into your ear)


Demi tuhan yang ingin kau  (for your lord who wants you)

Mati untuknya (to die for them)

Demi tuhan yang ingin kau hidup (for your lord that wants you to live)

Hanya untuk menyembahnya (only to praise them)

Demi peraturan yang kau ikuti dengan teladan (for the rules you make that you follow so well)

Yang sengaja membedakan manusia dengan manusia lain (that divides humans from other humans)


Kemarilah (come)

Dan buat tuhanmu bangga (and make your lord proud)

karena dia tidak akan bisa senang (because they could not be happy)

kalau kau tidak bangga (if you aren’t)
Inilah apa yang kau berikan (This is what you give).


I spread my arms. The guards open the gates. The earth shakes.

There will be no martyrs here.




Peace signs point towards closed doors
Fresh air comes
And the walls are gone

But I’m pretty sure I’m dying as I speak
It’s hard to keep it discreet
In this archipelago of souls

The fire in this hell
Feels lovely on this skin
Only ready to emerge
When the dam bleeds out melted sin

Devil’s advocate
and his trademark grin

Therefore, I can’t win

but this time maybe I want to lose.

stop trying to ruin beautiful things

Stop trying to ruin beautiful things.
stop thinking of possibly ruining something beautiful.
halt even the slightest thought of destroying something delicate
from passing through your rails

Its not yours to keep
Your hands belong tied behind your neck
Your face carved into the shape of a wish
formed an acute smile, able to pierce the skin

desire always manifests itself as something beautiful
on the surface
it will always stay that way
that’s the danger

within that beauty is a core
that holds a kind of grace greater than itself
see it, understand it, feel it
and leave it alone

What you want will only smother and drown it
with blame chiseled on your cheeks
front and center
dead as a hollow star

are you really ready to become the chaos
that no-one needs?

so see it, understand it, FEEL IT

This is the second salvation, the second gunshot
hope this time it sticks and destroys


Anglerfish angling angels


Anglerfish are the funniest creatures
it lures you in with its light
you become mesmerized and want to
bask in the glow

Dazzling the senses for the first few months
its mouth begins to open

and its invisible fangs
devours you unsuspectingly
you fall for it, it falls for you too.

within every chew and every bite
you’ll become trapped, blinded in surprising black
and feeling it
for what it really is

What is outside, for them
will always shine brighter
than what is interesting inside

Give it about two years for the ruse to spit you out

you didnt know.
then you fell for it.
and now you know.

King John Did Cocaine, That’s Why He Was Insane


I tore the magna carta

With my teeth

In Jakarta

Too many tongues

Contort the same positions

Too much sound

Comes out of the eyes

Lovely corners

Replace the buzzsaw synths

And raw assumptions

With the english language

Pinnacle of our society

Without a head-on armageddon

But forcing down angel dust

Speakers on the trail

No more words now

Only signs

And then, its gone.